• Ah, errorformat, the feature everybody loves to hate. :) – lcd047, on Stack Overflow

    I really like Vim’s :h errorformat feature, but only when I manage to get it right. Until then, I’m sure it will frustrate me more than once. It’s very awkward to write one if the program’s output you’re trying to capture is not trivial (e.g., LaTeX).

    7 min.
  • The :make command in Vim is quite useful, it runs whatever program is under the makeprg option and returns its output in the quickfix list, where you’ll be able to hop through the errors if they were parsed correctly by the errorformat option.
    3 min.
  • For those who find themselves in an environment which heavily relies on Excel and Salesforce, you may be interested in a way to automate the process of downloading reports from inside Excel with VBA only.
    9 min.